Arizona Highways

SEDONA'S BACKCOUNTRY, Arizona Highways, June 1995


images-stories-edgeboys2_sm"Why are you really here?" In the interest of journalistic disclosure, I'd just admitted that I was a passenger on an Earth Wisdom tour of Sedona's red rock country because I was writing an article on Jeep touring. But apparently this didn't satisfy tour driver Dawson Hayward.
A tall man who likes Clint Eastwood and speaks with the quiet intensity of David Carradine's Kwai Chang Caine, Dawson swivels away from the busy road he is navigating and casts an encouraging gaze my way. Since I am sitting in the backseat, exactly opposite the oncoming traffic, this causes me more grief than comfort.
I have to think fast so Clint Chang Caine will return his focus to the road. My fellow passengers have already revealed their motivations.
It looks like I'm not going to get away with being a spectator on this one. "I'm here," I say, still searching for something insightful but not too personal, "because I would like a more solid center." This is true, I'm not sure what it means, but it feels true.
Satisfied, Dawson turns around to face the road again. "It's important that I know why you are here, so I can help you achieve the experience you came for," he says. "Everyone who would like to can't move to Sedona," he says.

I do feel energized mostly from being out on the land instead of driving past it.

"But everyone can use Sedona as an initiating center, a place to reawaken your connection to yourself and the Earth. Then when you go back home you can re-create this tranquility."

Call 928-282-0254 for information on tours.

Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

293 N State Route 89A • Sedona, Arizona 86336
(uptown Sedona at Rollies Camera courtyard)