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Mystic Vista Vortex

The Voice of Mother Earth | 2.5 Hours

Quick Details

Scenic Vortex Jeep Tours

An introduction to the facts, feelings and fallacies of Sedona’s Vortex energy spot lore, investigating some of the reasons behind the sacred site phenomena occurring here and worldwide. Of the many vortices in Sedona, you will visit at least two while exploring the metaphysical beliefs of the sites and connecting to “the voice of Mother Earth”.

•Part of this tour occurs on private property
•Entrance fees to state/federal parks is included
•We recommend sturdy walking shoes as you will be taking short walks to mystical, energy-power spots
•Free pick-up at local Sedona hotel
•15% gratuity added for parties of 8 or more

What to bring

  • Photo ID
  • Close toed shoes
  • Sunscreen
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