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Sedona Hiking Tours

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Sedona Hiking Trips

Easy, moderate and difficult trails from 2 to 4 hrs. Call to discuss the hike that’s right for you!

Fay Canyon:
Escape the fire energy of Sedona into the very different, unique energy of Fay Canyon (Fay means Fairy in Old English). Fay Canyon is a shaded oasis for those who would prefer a less arduous, shorter hike along a canyon bottom with soaring red cliffs towering above. There is a semi-hidden natural arch located just under a half-mile up the trail. One could easily miss it if you don’t know about it. The Arch is not small, but it would be easy to overlook in a quick glance, however with our expert guides leading the way, you will be sure to see it. If you keep watching the rock wall to the north (right) side of the trail, you will eventually be able to spot it.

Doe Mesa: 
Considered by many of our guests to be a favorite tour. You will set out early in the morning for a short 400ft sunrise hike up to the flat-topped mesa. This is the most extraordinary viewing platform to see the sunrise from, as you are surrounded by 360-degree panoramic views of red sandstone rock cliffs, canyons, spires, and oak creek canyon. As the sun rises, everything radiantly glistens & shimmers around you as it comes to light. Sometimes you may be delighted to see hot air balloons right in front of you, so close you could almost touch them.

Long Canyon:
Wide and nearly level, Long Canyon Trail provides access into Sedona’s scenic red rock backcountry. The route follows an old jeep trail up an ephemeral streambed. While this drainage is usually dry, it still supports a community of water-loving vegetation. Along the trail, there are even a number of cypress trees, Arizona cypress, which is easily recognizable by their shaggy bark and round, gum ball-size seeds. You will be in a scenic setting containing many picturesque buttes and cliffs for which the Sedona area is so famous. Steamboat Rock, Wilson Mountain, Maroon Mountain, and a number of unnamed cliffs, spires, windows and arches are visible from this trail. The trail ends at a red sandstone cliff where there are a few small Indian ruins and some primitive rock pictographs. Please don’t disturb them.
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