Earth Wisdom Tours in Sedona Arizona

Sedona Vortex Tours by Jeep


When you are in Sedona Arizona and not just looking to do a jeep tour but interested in a journey, experience with us why there's something mystical about Sedona. We are the only Sedona vortex tour company authorized to use jeeps in the National Forest. Our journeys put one in touch with the teaching of the Native Americans ~ their myth, lore, and methods of natural living and healing.

Our Sedona Jeep Tours since 1989, have enjoyed a solid reputation of exceptional Guides, authentic sacred journeys and rugged remote adventures in and around Sedona, Arizona. Our goal is to guide you by jeep and by foot onto the land away from the more crowded areas to a place where there is time and space to feel the magic, beauty, and natural quiet of this magnificent scenery and ancient pilgrimage site. This is where adventure, education and solitude blend in the heart. What most people may not realize about us is that this is not your everyday, roller-coaster jeep tour company, it is an experience with Mother Nature.

Our Sedona jeep tours are highly specialized and personalized with that extra touch of knowledge, friendly connection, and a sense of humor to lighten up the journey. You are always learning something about nature, about Sedona, about the energy and mostly about your connection with life. Feel the inspiration that the lands of Sedona bring. 


Well enough about us, let's see what some syndicated National publications and travel writers are saying about us:

The mystical lure of Sedona is part of a growing taste for vacations that include spirituality. Earth Wisdom brings a metaphysical and Native American perspective”

-- from USA Today

Arizona Highways author wrote after a Sedona Vortex Tour with our company

... everyone can use Sedona as an initiating center, a place to reawaken your connection to yourself and the earth, then when you go back home you can recreate this tranquility. Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours (928-282-0254) features journeys that put one in touch with the teaching of the Native Americans -- their myth, lore and methods of natural living and healing."

 -- By Arthur Frommer of Frommers Publications.

“Sedona, Arizona, is the place where you'll find opportunities for sightseeing and soul searching alike. One hundred miles south of the Grand Canyon, a kind of mystic playground awaits you, a place where adventure and education come together in a red-rock canyon landscape that you've got to see to believe. One of the best ways to take in the surroundings is Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours”

-- featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, The premier magazine of the West.

I wasn't feeling the vortex vibes, or much of anything else. But at sundown, the guy from Arkansas brought out a drum and starting tapping on it, Iron John-style. As if on cue, Larry-the-tour-guide pulled out a wooden flute and began accompanying him, playing cryptic Native American-inspired riffs. Anyplace else, this improvised duet would have made me flee back down the mountain. Up here, it sounded surprisingly groovy. It was a Sedona moment. I felt like I'd arrived.”

- By Dwight Garner New York Times.


Dave and I just wanted to say thank you for a great adventure and experience. We have seen many things, places and people on our three week trip, but the Sedona vortex tour was the best of all...even better than the Grand Canyon!

-- Carol M.

Thank you for the marvelous Vortex jeep tour. It spanned the emotional scale from raucously exciting to soulfully peaceful. Your love of the land and its native people was wonderfully apparent.

-- Theresa Alexandria, Minnesota

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you! The Vortex tour you gave us was the best part of our entire vacation. You really took the time to actually show and tell us all about the history and beauty of the Sedona area. We have already decided that we will be back and will take another tour with you again!! My handicapped father was so happy that you accommodated him so nicely. In the corporate world of the jeep tours, it was so pleasant to receive a tour that was more focused on our adventure than trying to sell us something. Since we've been back home, many of the experiences we had in Sedona have stayed with us, especially the Medicine Wheel ceremony. The beliefs you talked about and the reading I've done since strikes a chord of truth I've never encountered before. It was a wonderful tour and the beginning of a fantastic journey!

-- Mary and Marie