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Full Moon Tour

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2-Person Private Tour
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6-Person Private Tour

Majestic Moonlit Tour!

Come enjoy the magic of the full moon with us! We will take you way past the city lights to experience the majesty of the full moon in all her glory.

Join our majestic full moon tour, escaping the crowds to embrace the serene Sedona desert. Experience the celestial beauty as early settlers and ancient civilizations did long ago– the original Sedona nightlife!

You’ll embark with your jeep tour guide on an enchanting moonlit jeep adventure, rekindling stories of history, legend, and lore under the full moon’s brilliance. Imagine yourself in a simpler time where the people observed the moon and sky with nothing but their naked eyes and uncluttered minds. This unforgettable experience offers fascinating insights and the moonkissed red rocks of Sedona. You’ll get out at one main stop to really soak up the magic and breathe in the night air. This adventure is all in the comfort of a private Jeep with heated seats and our most experienced guides.

Note: If you’re intrigued by UFOs, Orbs, Aliens, Bigfoot, or the Bradshaw Ranch, you’ll want to book our Outer Dimensions night tour instead.

  • There is no cancellation policy for this tour.
  • You may cancel up to the time of the tour.